Nevada Sports Books (NSB) is owned and operated by Gaughan South LLC dba South Point Hotel, Casino & Spa. Members of the Nevada Sports Books consist of the Rampart, South Point, Virgin River, and Casablanca.
  1. Welcome to Nevada Sports Books Mobile Wagering. By opening a NSB wagering account, you agree to comply with and be legally bound by these rules as well as NSB’s Mobile Account Wagering terms of use (, privacy policy, the house rules and/or event wagering rules that apply to your Wagering account or wagering activities using the account. If you do not accept and agree to the terms of use, rules, and privacy policy for Nevada Sports Books Mobile Wagering, you may not use Nevada Sports Books Mobile Wagering.
  2. Nevada Sports Books Mobile wagers are accepted throughout the State of Nevada. Nevada law prohibits wagers originating from outside the State of Nevada. Any violation may result in criminal prosecution of the account holder.
  3. Wagering accounts may be opened currently at the South Point and Rampart.
  4. To open a Nevada Sports Books Mobile Wagering account, customers must appear in person at the book and complete and sign a wagering account application. In addition, applicants must provide Nevada Sports Books with a valid driver’s license, state issued ID, or Passport and their social security card or complete an IRS form W-9 and provide the information required by and attest to statements required under NRS 463 et. seq.,NGC Regulation 22.140, and NGC Regulation 5.225.
  5. All account applicants must be twenty-one (21) years or older.
  6. Upon opening an account, the patron will be provided with an account number and generic password. It is the patron’s responsibility to change the generic password to one that is unique. It is the patron’s responsibility to maintain the secrecy of the account number and password. Passwords can be changed by the patron from the app. Passwords can only be reset in person.
  7. All wagering account transactions, including deposits and withdrawals, must be made by the account holder only. Agents or other representatives are not permitted. Wagering accounts may be used only by the person named on the application for the account. All deposits and withdrawals into a wagering account must be made in person and signed and authorized by the account holder at a participating book during normal business hours.
  8. A minimum deposit of $100 must be made to open a wagering account. A $50 minimum deposit is required to reload a wagering account. All deposits and withdraws must be made with cash. Deposits are not allowed on locked or closed accounts. No interest shall accrue to the patron on deposited funds. NSB customers have the ability to set deposits limits. See Sports Book Supervisor at participating locations for details.
  9. All Gaughan South LLC dba South Point Hotel and Casino Nevada Sports Books House Rules apply to Nevada Sports Books Mobile Wagering accounts.
  10. A Nevada Sports Books Mobile wager will not be accepted if the total value of the wager exceeds the wagering account’s balance.
  11. NSB mobile wagers are subject to established wagering limits.
  12. NSB mobile wagers are accepted from 8:00 am -11:00 pm daily. However, hours may vary due to seasonal sporting activity or at the discretion of management.
  13. NSB account holders may earn points for wagers as determined by management. See participating books for details.
  14. Winnings are taxed in accordance with IRS requirements. In addition, winning IRS tickets will not be posted to the account until verification of all information and proper signatures are obtained. A W-2 will be mailed to the account holder for signature after the wager is deemed a winner.
  15. Nevada Sports Books Mobile Wagering rules are subject to change by Nevada Sports Books at any time. Please visit our website at and review the rules regularly to learn of any changes. We may update or change the Nevada Sports Books Mobile Wagering terms and conditions, house rules or privacy policy from time to time at our sole discretion and without advance notice to you. Your continued use of your NSB wagering account after the posting of any change constitutes your binding acceptance of such change. If any change is unacceptable to you, please close your account at the location where you opened the account.
  16. Upon request by a patron, NSB will provide patrons a win/loss statement and/or history report.
  17. When placing a wager the account holder must provide his/her account number and password for verification purposes. All wagers must be verified to the account holder at the time the wager is placed for confirmation by the account holder to constitute action and will be final and binding. If an event is locked out during a transaction, there will be no wager. Wagers cannot be cancelled after wagers are completed. The odds are subject to change and Nevada Sports Books reserves the right to refuse any wager or delete or limit any selection(s) prior to the acceptance of the wagers. You acknowledge that a wager placed using NSB Mobile Wagering is binding on you and NSB only when NSB’s Mobile Wagering system displays: “Number Bet(s) Successfully Placed.” The ticket number is your confirmation that the bet has been accepted from your mobile device. Payments on winning wagers will be posted to the account holder’s wagering account as soon as reasonably practicable after the event is declared official. If a result of an event is posted incorrectly, account balances will be adjusted to reflect the correct result.
  18. A patron’s account is subject to Nevada Gaming Regulation 5.225 and will only be active for wagering as stated in the Regulation.
  19. A customer may close their Nevada Sports Books mobile wagering account during normal sports book hours by going to the location where you opened the account and contacting a NSB representative.
  20. NSB shall keep confidential the players account information in accordance with NSB privacy policy.
  21. Nevada Sports Books, in its sole discretion, has the right to:
    • a.Refuse the establishment or maintenance of accounts for what it deems good and sufficient reason;
    • b.Refuse deposits to accounts;
    • c.Refuse to accept all or part of any wager for what it deems good and sufficient reason;
    • d.Declare the account wagering system closed for receiving any or all wagers;
    • e.Suspend or close any account at any time, provided, however, that when an account is closed, Nevada Sports Books shall, within five (5) business days, return the balance of the wagering account at the time of said action, subject to compliance with Nevada Gaming Regulations, Nevada Sports Books house rules, and federal and state laws and regulations, by sending a check to the patron’s address of record.
    • f. Close any wagering account when an account holder tries to operate with an insufficient balance or when the account is dormant for an unacceptably long period of time, as determined by Nevada Sports Books in its sole discretion. In either case, Nevada Sports Books shall refund the balance of the wagering account, subject to compliance with Nevada Gaming Commission regulations, Nevada Sports Book’s house rules, and federal or state law.
  22. NSB will refund the balance to a patron should the patron close his or her account or should NSB close his or her account. This refund will occur within 15 days of closing. The method of refund will either be disbursing cash to the patron at the book itself or by issuing a check to the patron through the mail. If the patron comes to the location where the patron opened the account, then cash will be disbursed to the patron. Otherwise, a check paid to the order of the patron will be issued and mailed to the patron’s residential address of record.